No Limits, Not even the Sky
No Limits, Not even the Sky

Our methodology


This is the early stage of our collaboration. We define, together, the ideal profile required. This phase is essential: it allows us to set a clear, agreed goal. It is here that we discuss in depth your company’s specific needs so that we understand how your target will integrate their team, department and the company as a whole. Your company’s culture, values and work environment are central to our analysis: they help us to understand precisely who you are looking for. 


We use a number of sources to find the ideal profile: database, network, referrals, research, online advertising. A combination of all these methods allows us to find the person you are looking for. 


After a first phone interview and then a face-to-face interview, we determine a short list of the best candidates we would like to present you. We can also evaluate and test them upon request. Every candidate we submit is reference-checked.


Once you have chosen the candidate you would like to hire, we can help you during the contract phase. We can advise you on the market rate and be present during the negotiation between the two parties. 

Post Placement

We maintain close contact with candidates after they have started working with you. We also stay in contact with the candidates’ managers during the first stages of your collaboration.

Our Advice

If you are looking for advice or have a vacancy you would like to discuss with us, please contact us. One of our consultants will respond to you within 24 hours


Opportunities don't happen, you create them.


We are creative. We don’t rely on advertising or our existing database to locate talent. We continually question ourselves and our methodology. If we need to do things differently to get a better result, we will.